The first organ to form in the human body is the nerve system: the brain and spinal cord. Most people think it’s the heart, or the lungs, or maybe some other organ. 

Nope, the first organ to form is your nerve system. Why would that be? Your nerve system is the foundation of everything else to come. The rest of your body, all the organs and tissues, depend on your nerve system in order to grow, and then to function.

Think of it like an apple tree. The roots and trunk of the tree comes first, like your brain and spinal cord. Next branches come off, just like the nerve fibers that branch off your spinal cord. At the ends of those branches leaves, and finally apples are able to bud, just like the organs and tissues of your body. Without the roots and trunk to bring nourishment and life to the branches, leaves, and fruit you have nothing!

If you take care of the roots and trunk of the tree, the foundation, then you will have a healthy, vibrant tree that produces healthy, vibrant, and delicious fruit. If you take care of your nerve system, then the rest of your body will be healthy and vibrant too. It’s that simple.

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