“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

When we were heading off to school for the day my mom used to tell us to, “make a great day!” She wouldn’t say, “have a great day,” it was to make one… I used to roll my eyes at that as a kid, but I get it now.

Bad things can happen to you throughout your day. How you react to them is what matters. Everyone has bad moments, but if you let those bad moments turn into an entire day, then that’s on you. Some people even let those moments taint their entire life. You’re dealt certain cards in life, how you play them is what matters.

Many people blame their poor health on external forces that they claim are out of their control. Genetics, that car accident 12 years ago, bad knee, big boned, the list goes on and on. Excuses are easy. If it’s “out of your control” then it takes responsibility off your shoulders. The vast majority of excuses are absolute baloney.

You are in charge of your destiny. You create your future. You can’t let your past define you. You can’t blame your problems on fictitious scapegoats. Genes are honestly but a small part of the puzzle. Your body has the ability to re-create itself from the inside out. It will do so perfectly if you give it the right environment to work in.

The primary means by which your body creates new cells is through the spine (nerve system). These new cells specialize and become organs, muscles, glands, etc. Meaning the healthier your spine is functioning, the healthier the cells it produces, and the healthier the systems of your body are. Provide the right environment, and your body can replace old, sick cells with new, healthy ones. It can literally recreate itself.

Sure, there are other things that go into this process and help your body make and maintain healthier cells such as diet, exercise, and good sleep, but the primary and fundamental means of creating them is via the Nerve System. Prioritize that, take back control, restore faith in your body, and create the life you were born to have.

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Like anything that is good for you such as diet, exercise, and quality sleep, you gain the greatest benefit of regular chiropractic care when you use it on a consistent and regular basis.

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