When it is obvious that goals can’t be reached, don’t adjust the goals, but adjust the action steps.”


Have you ever given up on a goal you had? You set it, start working toward it, and either realize what you’re doing isn’t going to accomplish the goal, or that it’s too hard and you give up? I know I have. Everyone has.

As eluded to, their are really only two reasons that we give up on a goal:

  1. It’s taking too long to reach
  2. We don’t want to do the action steps needed to get to them

That’s it. It’s never because our goal is actually and truly unreachable. People don’t set goals that are impossible to achieve; that’s stupid. When you set a goal, you do so because at that time you truly believe that you could someday accomplish said goal. So what changes?

Discipline. Motivation and discipline are two different things. When we initially create a goal and set off to accomplish it, we are highly motivated. That motivation can be internal or external. We have this vision, and it excites us; the thought of reaching it ignites something within us. As we set out to accomplish it, we realize that it will take time and effort (you knew this before, but didn’t realize the full repercussions initially). As the motivation wears off, the only thing that will keep us steady in accomplishing our goal is discipline.

Not everyone has good discipline. I would venture to say most people in the United States today have terrible discipline. We are a society of instant gratification, entitlement, and quick fixes. I know that’s not true of everyone, but there is a strong undertone of these traits running through our society today. We don’t have many situations in our life that require us to delay gratification, and/or steadily work towards something.

Want that fancy car? You don’t need to actually have the money for it – just finance it. You can afford the monthly payments, so that means you can afford it, right? No need to save up the actual money; we can pretend we can afford it.

Want to drop 50lbs? Don’t worry about examining your life and your decisions surrounding food and exercise. Take this pill to suppress your appetite instead. Use this shake to replace meals. Get this surgery to shrink your stomach. No need to actually have to change anything over the long-term, just yo-yo forever.

Things that are worth having, are worth working hard for. They are worth making small and big changes alike for. They are worth changing your daily habits for. Things that are easy are never worth it. The biggest growth and positive personal developments ALWAYS come from having to do the hard things over and over and over, making them habits. The things you don’t want to do are often the best things for you to do.

Remember that the next time you want to give up on something. Realize you’re not giving up because it’s impossible. You’re giving up because you don’t want to work at it. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. These are the facts. Don’t change your goals under the false premise they are too lofty. Be honest with yourself and realize you’re changing them because you aren’t willing to alter your habits.

Health habits are the most common habits people make, and break, for themselves. Like I said earlier though, small changes can create massive changes. What if you simply added weekly spinal checks to your habits? Imagine the powerful and profound positive impact that would have over your lifetime! Your spine is the core of your being, every single function your body performs is via the spine (nerve system), so to neglect taking care of your spine means to neglect taking care of your being.

Do something simple and start seeing a chiropractor weekly. Often when you create one habit that you actually stick with, it will translate into making other habits stick. What have you got to lose?

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