My wife and I were talking about health insurance the other day, and it reminded me of an experience I had years back. It was before I was in chiropractic school, but I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor. I was looking for a new chiropractor that was closer to where I lived, so called on up to schedule a visit.

This was when I was still covered under my parent’s insurance, and had no concept of spending your own money on your health. I asked over the phone if they took my insurance, and the receptionist assured me they worked with all insurances and we would figure it out. Mind you, I was a broke college student at this point, and was saving every penny I could to pay for school, and save a little.

I went in for my first visit, asked again about insurance, and she didn’t confirm that it would all be covered, so I reaffirmed that I wanted to make sure my insurance covered things before moving forward. She told me not to worry about it, and she would check coverage and I should be okay.

I got x-rays, and adjusted, and went back to the desk and asked again, and again got an answer that made me very uneasy. We scheduled another visit for a couple weeks later as that was all my schedule allowed. Before the next visit I got a bill from them for over $300. I called them immediately to see what the deal was, and was informed that my insurance didn’t cover anything.

Needless to say, I was very upset. I reminded her about how much I had inquired about my insurance coverage, and that I had told her I was a college student with very little income, so wanted to make sure things were covered before anything, and how she had told me not to worry. She then reminded me of my next appointment, and I told her to cancel it as I would never be coming in there again after being deceived like that.

I felt very mistreated, lied to, and deceived. It was very shady business practice in my opinion. Had she been upfront, this could have been avoided. I didn’t pay the bill right away as I didn’t have the free cash to be throwing at it right then. A month later she calls me and says if I don’t pay it it will be sent to collections. I stopped in shortly after with a check. She told me I was welcome to come shadow any time, and I basically told her that I would never be in touch again after being deceived like I was.

I always remember this experience, and make sure that the people that step foot in my doors NEVER feel like they have been duped or deceived. I am very upfront with my pricing, fees, and procedures. There are no surprises, catches, or hidden anythings. What you see is what you get, and that is very refreshing for most folks. I pride myself in this, greatly.

I want everyone to have a good experience in here. I want the reality of things to match the expectation of things. I understand there will be some confusion or miscommunication from time to time, but this is a grand rarity here, and I make sure of that. I communicate everything as clearly and succinctly as possible, so people know what to expect, and that this expectation meets the reality of what happens.

That is what good business is, in my opinion. Honestly and ethically conducting your service or product. This wins every time. The latter may work in the short term, but over time your reputation will determine the final outcome. I have worked very hard to build a very good reputation in the Concord, Kannapolis, and Harrisburg communities. I have a great reputation as a chiropractor in Concord, a chiropractor that serves entire families with an affordable fee system.

ChiroPure is a family focused, inclusive membership practice. Our goal is to provide regular chiropractic care for infants, children, and adults using affordable monthly membership plans.

Like anything that is good for you such as diet, exercise, and quality sleep, you gain the greatest benefit of regular chiropractic care when you use it on a consistent and regular basis.

We are the only membership chiropractor in Concord, NC. We pride ourselves in offering quality care for individuals and families using affordable chiropractic memberships. Come see what makes us refreshing and unique. You won’t regret it.

Much love,

Dr. Jen