That’s right, another vizsla too! It’s an interesting story of how this came about as well, and there are some interesting things about this puppy and the breeder, that I think are fitting for a post here.

First, the story of how he came into us… We had contacted this breeder before Lux passed away. We knew we would want to get another vizsla at some point, so Rachell went looking online.

We happened to find an amazing breeder, right here in North Carolina. This breeder feeds her dogs all raw, which we do as well, and she also does not vaccinate her dogs, which we agree with 100% and is very rare. I’m going to touch on both of these points, and how they relate to the chiropractic philosophy in a bit.

We had reached out to this breeder, and told her we wold be looking for a male puppy sometime this summer or fall. She said she would have litters around then and would reach out to us when the time came. This was back in October. Well, Lux passed at the end of November, and we had decided not to get another dog for now.

Last Monday I get an email from the breeder. She asks how Lux is doing, and then proceeds to tell me that she unexpectedly had a male come available, and wants to know if I can take him, and want to take him. The family that was supposed to get him had a death in the family, and needed to move out of state to settle the estate. She sent over a link with pictures of the puppies.

I was pretty shocked and surprised. I really didn’t know how I felt… but I was very surprised. I clicked the link for the pictures, and saw the birth date of the litter was November 28th… I got a weird feeling, and went back in my calendar. Lux passed away the evening before this litter was born. I shut down all tabs and browsers.

After talking about things with Rachell, and encouragement from the kids, we decided to go ahead and take the little bugger. His name will be registered as Firelight’s Lucky Elder and we will call him Lucky. I used to call Lux my “lucky boy” so we already had that name picked out. The elder tree symbolizes the life cycle: death, birth, death, and we found that fitting.

Now, onto the raw feeding and no vaccinations. Lucky is 3rd generation raw fed and vaccine free. Absolutely amazing. I’ve never heard of this from a breeder, and feel so grateful and fortunate to have found these folks and get one of their dogs.

A dog was not meant to eat dry dog food. Dog food is absolute garbage. At best it is unhealthy for your dog, and at worst it is toxic to your dog. What wild animal eats processed food? You should think about this in regards to your human self too… Dogs eat meat. Meat and bones, and maybe a few other things, but that’s it. They aren’t meant to eat grains, and doing so makes their body weaker.

Sick dogs, and sick humans for that matter, aren’t an accident. Typically it is the result of a poor lifestyle. Food being a large part of that. If you feed a dog as it evolved to eat, it will thrive far greater than a dog fed packaged junk. Just like a human eating whole foods will be healthier than a human that eats a lot of packaged food and restaurant food. It’s not rocket science.

As for vaccines… I know there is a lot of controversy around vaccines. The reason their is is because vaccines have never been scientifically proven to do what they proclaim to do, and aren’t guaranteed to be effective nor safe. The body, whether human or animal, evolved to be very resilient and adaptive to foreign invaders. The best way to have a strong immune system is to simply be healthy. How do you be healthy?

Basic building block wise, and there is more to it than this, but these are the main movers: healthy food, proper movement/exercise, quality sleep, avoidance of toxins… a balanced body. A healthy body can resist a hell of a lot, and can properly encounter viruses/bacteria/parasites/etc. where it builds natural immunity.

Anyway, I don’t want to go down a rabbit hole. I just want to paint the big picture. Simply put, if you give a body what it needs, then it will be strong and resilient. It’s an underlying principle in chiropractic. The brain and spine are the primary means by which your body functions AT ALL.

It is the primary foundation for your immunity. It is the foundation for literally everything else in your body. A person that gets adjusted regularly will be a stronger human being. It ensures that all your other healthy decisions have a more profound and lasting impact on you.

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Like anything that is good for you such as diet, exercise, and quality sleep, you gain the greatest benefit of regular chiropractic care when you use it on a consistent and regular basis.

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Much love y’all,

Dr. Jen