I attended a funeral over the weekend. A good friend of mine lost her husband. He was young, and they have 3 daughters that are high school and college aged. He had been unwell for a while, and it wasn’t totally unexpected, but it was still a sad shock. My heart breaks for those girls; I can’t imagine losing a parent, especially at such a young age.

Whenever someone passes it always makes you stop, pause, and reflect on your own life. At least it does for me… I don’t think I’m alone in this. With him being so young, it made me think about how I’ve been spending my time, and if I’ve been making the most of it.

Honestly, I think I’m doing a pretty damn good job. I have found a good balance between what I do for a living, and my home life. I can’t say I’ve always been balanced. For the first handful of years, I was very business oriented, and focused on getting my practice built and solid. It was needed at that time.

I’ve been taking the past couple of years to get my finances in order. I’ve been paying down my student loans like it’s nobody’s business. When Rachell and I got married we started out with around $250,000 in debt. The largest chunk of those was my student loan balance which was sitting at around $165,000 at that time. My student loans were my only debt (aside from my house). Rachell came in with some debt of her own, which we cleaned up first. Finally, 2 years ago I was able to start aggressively tackling my student loans, and they are currently sitting at a little under $95,000. I will have them completely paid off by December 2022 at the latest.

We’ve had to sacrifice some things, both as individuals, and as a family, in order to make all of this happen. We are sacrificing now, so we can enjoy life more fully moving forward. We are creating a more solid, stable, and stress free future for us and for our kids. We want to live a better life, and this debt is the big hurdle we need to clear to get there.

I want to be rid of this, so my wife and kids can enjoy more experiences. I want to travel with our kids more, and it will be good as they will be older at that time and able to “hang” with us on more rigorous adventures. They will get some really amazing life experiences, and create some awesome memories with us.

When I pass, which I intend to be a very, very long time from now, I want to be remembered for the good things I instilled in others. I want my members to remember me as the friendly smile that helped them live a better life. The chiropractor that saw their children grow up, and instilled in them the belief that they are great.

I want my wife to remember me as someone who was loving, understanding, caring, patient, and providing. I want her to look back and smile, and laugh at all the good times we had together. We’ve had a TON of smiles and laughs, and a bunch of adventures shared together. That makes me happy to think about.

I want my kids to remember as someone who loved them, and supported them. Someone who pushed the to be better, encouraged them in their endeavors, and taught them gratitude and kindness. I want them to know that I loved them no matter what, and that they were always mine even though I am a step-parent.

Anyway, death is weird. Life is weird too… but I’m glad I’m here for it, and get to experience it because life is freaking awesome. Enjoy it, and respect it. Make the most of it, always.

Much love,

Dr. Jen

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