I have had a couple of interesting calls the past couple weeks and it got my brain turning… they had some similarities, and the thing I’ve taken away from both calls is that I offer a very specific thing, nothing more and nothing less. It is what it is, I am what I am, and if you like it, great! Then we can work together! If you don’t like it, then that’s dandy too, and you have many other options out there for a chiropractor that fits your wants.

Last week I had a lady call in because she saw my sign advertising the $99/month unlimited care. She said her current chiropractor was charging $85 for a single visit right now and it just wasn’t sustainable for her. I totally understand, that’s not feasible for most people.

I explained more about the membership, and she asked if I take x-rays. I don’t, so I let her know that, and she proceeded to tell me that she “needed” x-rays because she got some in July and wanted to make sure it was working… then asked what she should do.

I told her I could send her to a chiropractor I know that does x-rays, or she could get her own x-rays from someone else. She then asked how much the x-rays would be. I told her I don’t know, and she got upset. She then asked me if I could get pricing for her, to which I said no I can’t, but I can give you the name of the chiropractor and she could call to get pricing.

She then started asking more about my fees, and said she saw something about a joining fee. I do have a joining fee, and it’s normally $249 (as of December 2019) but I am running a $50 off deal right now, so it’s $199. I told her it was $199 and then she said she had a $50 off thing in front of her on my website. I told her the $199 reflected that. She didn’t like this either, and long story short, she ended up hanging up in a huff and not very happy with me.

That was the first call… sometimes thees things bother me, but lately I’ve been trying to reflect on them and see where I may have made things difficult or unclear, so I can be better in the future. On to the next call from this afternoon.

She called and wanted to know if I do x-rays, and also stated the insurance she has and asked if I took that. These calls usually don’t go well – when people are dead set on using their insurance, you typically can’t get them to move away from it unless they already have the knowledge that their insurance is terrible for chiropractic, and 9 times out of 10 it is more cost effective to pay cash. Anyway…

I told her I don’t require x-rays and I don’t take insurance, and then explained my membership system. I must not have done a super good job explaining it because she thought you had to pay the joining fee plus the normal membership rate for the first month. She was upset at the idea of having to “pay $300 for an adjustment.”

I told her I was sorry and that I must have been confusing, and re-explained it to her. She was upset that she would have to pay the same joining fee as a family would even though it was just her. I said I understand, but it’s the same across the board. She hung up on me.

Both of these calls just got me thinking and reminded me that this practice isn’t for everyone. There are some folks that simply are not a good fit for the office, don’t understand the value, and aren’t ready to understand. I used to take it very personally, and try really hard to convince people and show them how much sense this makes. A lot of people get too hung up on their ideas and beliefs though, and can’t allow something to be made sensical to them at the moment.

That’s okay. It’s okay to realize that you aren’t the right thing for every person. I don’t need to be everything to everyone; I don’t want to be everything to everyone. I have a very specific service, and I want to provide it to the niche of people that want it, desire it, and value it. There is nothing wrong with that.

ChiroPure is a family focused, inclusive membership practice. Our goal is to provide regular chiropractic care for infants, children, and adults using affordable monthly membership plans.

Like anything that is good for you such as diet, exercise, and quality sleep, you gain the greatest benefit of regular chiropractic care when you use it on a consistent and regular basis.

We are the only membership chiropractor in Concord, NC. We pride ourselves in offering quality care for individuals and families using affordable chiropractic memberships. Come see what makes us refreshing and unique.

I love this place, and I love my people. I’m grateful for my little community. I’d love to grow it by adding you and your family, but only if it’s the right fit.

Much love,

Dr. Jen