We had some cloudy days strung together this past week. I always forget how much the weather affects my overall mood and energy until we have a string of cloudy days, and then the sun comes back out. That day the sun returns I immediately feel my spirit uplifted.

That’s how I’ve felt the past two days as we’ve had a lot of sunshine, blue skies, and warmer temperatures. I am not a cold weather person; at all. It’s the reason I moved out of Minnesota as soon as I got the chance. I like the sun and I like the heat.

Anyway, the contrast of cloudy days to sunny days made me think of chiropractic. That string of dreary weather was like a Mother Nature subluxation… that sunlight peeking through was the adjustment she needed.

Subluxations cloud your body. Things still work, but they lack the shine, the brilliance, and light it ought to have. You have a dreary outlook on things. You feel a little under the weather…

We all have cloudy days, but you don’t have to live in Seattle and just put up with it. You have a choice to move, to be somewhere where the sun shines more often.

Some people want to b e

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That’s all I have today… I thought this would get a little deeper, or lengthier, but I’m just not inspired to write today! That happens, and you know what? That’s okay.

Until next week,

Dr. Jen