If you cut your finger, you wrap it up in bandage, and when you take it off a week later it’s healed. What healed the cut? Was it the band-aid?

If you have diabetes and take insulin to control your blood sugar, are you healed and now healthy?

If you have high blood pressure and take a pill to make it lower, did that pill heal your blood pressure problem?

The answer to these questions is clearly no, and if you answered yes, then this post is for you. Pills, powders, lotions and potions do not heal you. Just because you take a drug that brings your insulin down, doesn’t mean you are healthy and healed. All that drug is doing is managing the symptom of high blood sugar. The underlying issue is still there, and you are still unhealthy and cutting your lifespan short.

Same holds true with the blood pressure example. Sure, your numbers now fall within the average range, and your doctor is happy, but you certainly aren’t healthier as a result.

Actually, in both of these cases, you are likely even more UNhealthy as a result of taking the drugs to manage the symptoms. You block the symptom and have now tricked yourself into thinking you have solved the problem, but the underlying issue is still there, it’s just not talking to you anymore. This would allow it to fester and become worse and worse and worse, and you would never know because you aren’t letting it tell you.

When Lux, my dog, was diagnosed with cancer, the vet wanted to do chemotherapy and steroids to manage it. I had already decided I wasn’t going to do any allopathic interventions. Then, once I looked into those treatment options, it cemented the fact that those were not for me and my boy. We decided to go the natural route and mainly focus on his diet.

My vet gave him up to 3 months to live, and most online sources only gave him 1 or 2. This Friday will be the 3 month mark and he appears to be doing really well. Here’s the thing: the cancer didn’t just pop up. The cancer was the result of long-term health issues in him. Cancer doesn’t grow and thrive in a healthy body, that’s a fact. Just like diabetes and other lifestyle health problems don’t happen with healthy people.

Chronic inflammation is a huge underlying factor in disease. What causes that inflammation is the million dollar question, and the cause of it varies from individual to individual. Lux clearly had inflammatory issues for years. He struggled with ear infections, itching, and digestive issues for years. I tried SO MANY things to help him. The biggest thing that seemed to help him was diet.

Kibble is garbage. Dry dog food is just trash. That would be like you eating packaged dry meals for your whole life. Many people actually eat like trash though, so it’s no wonder they would feed their dog like that, and no wonder we are seeing increased rates of cancer in humans as well.

If you don’t take care of your body, then it becomes the breeding ground for disease. Diet is a huge part of taking care of your body. Arguably it is the largest. Exercise/movement is a big part, good relationships, quality sleep… regular chiropractic care. All of these things create a healthy body. A healthy body doesn’t get sick; we weren’t born to be sick, diseased, and to get cancer. Genetics play a minor role in all of this. What you do with your lifestyle is the deciding factor.

I’ve decided to do everything I can to create a strong, healthy body. For both myself, and my dogs. I’m proud of my boy for doing so well. You really wouldn’t know anything was wrong with him from the outside. Only if you knew him well would you think something seemed off. That’s pretty great given the prognosis we were provided.

You should take care of your body. It’s not doing any one thing; it’s a combination of a bunch of decisions. Every choice you make either brings you closer to full health and vitality, or closer to disease and death.

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Until next week,

Dr. Jen