I was supposed to be closed this coming Thursday, but cancelled my plans for a couple of reasons. First, we were going camping and it’s going to be a bit too chilly for us. Second, with Lux being sick I don’t want to stress him, so it’s best if he just keeps his normal routine at home. Third, I’ve been gone and had too many closings the past few months (in my opinion) and I feel the need to BE in my practice.

Like I’ve said before, you can’t build a practice if you aren’t here, so I’m going to be here. I don’t have any more travel planned until the end of January, so I will be open for normal hours until then, sans major holidays.

Last week I purchased a large calendar to hang on my whiteboard. I went through the entire year of 2020 and marked all the days I know I will be gone, and also started planning for office things.

I have all the silly, obscure national holidays I will celebrate planned out. I have my guessing jars all planned out, both what will go in them and when they will be dropping. I also planned the dates for the major events I will hold in office this year.

Typically I have two large events each year: my Member Appreciation Day which I hold in the late spring or early summer. For this I rent a bounce house, have subs catered, and invite everyone to come hang and have fun. This is my favorite event of the year, and it’s always a blast. The second event I always hold is my Pumpkin Painting Party which is held sometime around Halloween. This is also a really fun event, and kids and adults alike really enjoy themselves.

This coming year I wanted to do more. I feel like there is too much time in between events, and I really enjoy giving back to my members when I can. I came up with two more events to do in 2020, and hopefully they are also a hit and will be continued in the following years.

First, I am going to have a flower planting party in March. I’ll have all the supplies, and kids will be able to paint their container and plant a flower to take home. I think this will be a fun, hands-on project for kids. The second one I’m adding is a Back to School Party at the end of August. I’m pretty pumped for this one, and think it might rival the bounce house event…

My idea is to have it be like a yard game and carnival feel. I am going to purchase some fun yard games and some carnival types of games for kids to play for prizes. I’ll also have snacks and drinks. I think this one has a lot of potential, and I’m still sussing out the details, but it should be a hit.

Again, if you aren’t prepared, the universe knows it, and it won’t send you what you think you want. That would be a curse, not a blessing. If you want blessings, you need to prepare for them. Blessings aren’t luck, and luck isn’t even a thing… luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. I’m prepared.

Chat at you next week,

-Dr. Jen

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