The universe won’t send you folks if it knows you won’t be able to handle them or take care of them. If you want to serve at a high level, then you need to have the systems and procedures in place to be able to. Do you have to be able to adapt and modify as you go? Sure, absolutely you do, but you need to have a general game plan in place from the start so you can at least get going.

I have adapted and modified a lot of things over the years in practice, but I’ve found a pretty darn good groove that works really well for me. For the most part my practice procedures haven’t changed hardly at all in the past 4 years. In some ways that’s great, and in some ways that’s not so great.

Every year at some point, and it’s usually at the end/beginning of the year, that I get a bee in my bonnet and want to start trying out some new things. I get excited about ideas I have and want to implement some of them. That’s what’s been happening the past month.

I am preparing for some good growth. I am ready to grow at quicker rate than I currently am, so that means I need to start doing some new/different things, and step up some of my current efforts. I like this phase a lot, I really enjoy it.

I love to plan things, map them out, come up with ideas and a game plan to achieve them. My weakness comes with the follow through if we are being honest. I will always start what I set out to do, but how long I stick with it can vary.

I am a very disciplined person, and I don’t need to be baby sat or held accountable. If I say I am going to do something I will do it, so it’s a matter of me holding myself to the standard I’ve set, and not letting me give myself any BS excuses along the way.

I know we still have a couple months left in this calendar year, but I want to be prepared for not only these remaining few months of the year, but for all of 2020. I am buying a wall calendar to map out the in office and out of office things I am going to be doing next year. I have been printing off intake forms, member agreement forms, welcome letters, and coupons so those are ready to roll.

I am coming up and preparing all of my Facebook posts, and I am going to take the time to set those up in Facebook to schedule a time for them to auto post for the year, so that can be automated and taken off my plate. I am planning out all of my whiteboard educational bits for the year as well, so I have my sheet to grab on Mondays to update for the week.

I don’t believe in luck. I think “luck” is when preparedness meets opportunity. You don’t always know when that opportunity is going to pop up, so you simply need to be prepared at all times, so when it does, boom, you’re good to go and you get “lucky”.

Chiropractic works with these same principles. So many people think that they just get unlucky genes, or a bad role of the dice with their heredity. For 99% of cases and conditions that’s just plain old baloney. You have so much more control over your life and health than you are lead to believe.

Most health issues can be avoided by making better decisions. Every choice you make in life either leads you closer to health and vitality, or closer to death and disease. The health problems plaguing this country are 90% avoidable if we simply loved and took care of our bodies.

That’s the message of chiropractic. We aren’t here to treat, fix, or cure any issues you might have. We are here to help you create a stronger, healthier, more resilient and adaptable body. That’s a healthy body. Chiropractic is one piece of the puzzle, but you also have other things like diet, exercise, sleep, and personal relationships.

If we focused more on preparing our body to be strong and adaptive to our environment, rather than hoping we have lucky genes, we would be much healthier as a society. I hate that victim mindset, and my main goal is to get people to realize their potential, and tap into it as much as possible.

Back to preparing my office to serve my community. May you realize your potential, and live it. Much Love,

Dr. Jen

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Like anything that is good for you such as diet, exercise, and quality sleep, you gain the greatest benefit of regular chiropractic care when you use it on a consistent and regular basis.

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