There is a good quote in chiropractic and it says, “a day off is followed by an off day.” I’ve been taking quite a few off days and half days since June, and I don’t like it. I don’t like closing my office. First, because my members count on me being here to care for them, so when I’m closed it affects my whole member base. Second, I work 4 days a week on a normal week, so any time off now results in me being open half or less of the days in a week. That’s a lot. Lastly, I feel like being gone causes me to lose momentum.

Growth in the office has felt stalled the past few months, and when I look at numbers of new members specifically, it has stalled compared to years past. I know it’s from having more closings than I typically do/would. I was talking about this with Rachell over the weekend, and I told her I will be happy to not have any more closings from the end of October until the holidays. I don’t plan on taking any days in November other than Thanksgiving, and no days in December aside from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

When I first opened my practice I was terrified to close at all. It took me literally 2 years before I took a week off. Since then I’ve been better about taking time for myself, but it can be hard to balance things even to this day. The past 2 years I have taken 2 full weeks and a smattering of Thursdays off to travel. I felt it has been a good balance up until this summer, and now I feel the need to pull the reigns in.

This kind of ties in with last week’s post about ebbs and flows. I guess it’s true of anything, including time off. I’m ready to ebb the time off. I’m feeling a growth phase coming to close out the year in the office, and I’m ready for it.

I’ve been getting myself ready for growth the past few weeks. Trying a couple marketing ideas, reading up on things I’m going to attempt, and just getting things organized and set for an influx of new members. Today I’m going to print off a bunch of intakes and welcome letters, prep some envelopes, and just get ready. The universe won’t send you folks if it doesn’t think you can handle them, so let’s roll.

Anyway, I feel like I might be starting to ramble about nothing. It all boils down to this: my frequent time off has caused a growth stall, and I’m ready to reverse that. You can’t grow a practice if you aren’t here. I want to end 2019 with a bang, and head into 2020 with a running start.

This practice is amazing, and it should be busting at the seams with quality members. Families and kids running around everywhere. I know this is the best practice in the Charlotte area, and I feel like the state of NC. I’m not just saying that either, I truly believe it. Knowing that, I want to serve my community at a high capacity, so it’s time to put my nose to the grind stone and get going.

-Dr. Jen

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