Life has ebbs and flows, ups and downs, hills and valleys. You can’t climb a hill forever; eventually you reach the top, and if you keep going, you’ll go downhill.

I find myself going through periods, seasons, in life. I’ll have periods of time where I am super motivated, wanting to learn something new, or learn something I already know on a deeper level, and then implement it. Sometimes the thing will stick with me forever, other times for a determined period of time.

I do a monthly guessing jar in the office that I implemented upon the recommendation from a colleague about 18 months ago. I’ve been doing one every single month, and plan on doing so forever. Back in June I started celebrating wacky holidays in the office. I pick 2 or 3 to do each month, and I have the entire year planned out. In December, I will begin mapping out 2020. These are things I will always do, and they are easy, a part of the routine now.

Their are other things that I start, stop, and sometimes start again. One of those things is Facebook usage and marketing for the business. I used to be very active on Facebook, and posted a lot of content, but over time I’ve gotten sick of all the social media and took a step back. As a result my business page took a hit.

Last year I wanted to try Facebook advertising, so I starting running a video ad once a month to see what would happen. Really nothing came of it, so after about 8 months of doing it, I stopped.

The issue is that I try to learn how to do something, and I learn it on a surface level, implement it, and then just kind of hope it works. I need to keep learning, changing strategy as needed, and dig deeper.

The problem with that is that I am a one man show here. I do everything in my office, and for my office. I have no help. We do plan on having my wife, Rachell, come in the office some day to take over all of the non-chiropractic things for me. I really think the practice will take off when we do that, and I am currently developing the game plan for when that day does come. Until then, I have to do things myself.

I am reading through a packet about Facebook right now, and am going to implement things from it. I realize now that I simply haven’t been active enough on it. The truth is that I don’t care to be on it at all. I don’t really enjoy Facebook; it’s not something fun for me, but more of a chore and something to check off on my to-do list.

Enough complaining though. The point is that I need to step up and take more action. I want to grow this place, and I just need to keep experimenting with things and find what works and what doesn’t. Be ready and willing to evolve and adapt. The ebbs and flows with this come because it gets frustrating when you try 3 new things and none of them work.

That’s the difference between feeling motivated, and being disciplined. I need to be more disciplined with my marketing and growth efforts. End of story.

-Dr. Jen

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