I’m thinking about changing my logo. This will be the 3rd logo I’ve had in the 7.5 years I’ve been open. The first logo simply had no meaning to me, and was just a cool image that I had a classmate make for me. When I changed that logo, I also changed the name of my practice because again, the name didn’t resonate with me anymore.

The ADIO logo I currently have is a set of arrows. I borrowed the logo from Sherman College of Chiropractic. I honestly don’t know if they have the image trademarked, or if I’m infringing upon anything. I do know the President and Vice President of the college, and both of them know I use the arrow image as my logo. Neither has ever said anything to me.

The arrows stand for above-down-inside-out which embodies the chiropractic philosophy. All life flows from above, down, inside, and out. This logo means a lot to me, and I actually have a tattoo of it on my forearm (actually since covered up with a large forearm piece).

I really don’t want to change my logo. First, I like it, and second, it will be a pain in the butt. I have my current logo plastered everywhere, and to go through all my social media, and internet connections to change it would be a chore. Not a huge deal, but big enough to give me extra pause.

I have a new logo ready to go, and I really like the new logo as well. I made sure to have it still represent the ADIO within the image, and I think we did the best we could, and it looks really sharp and modern. I’m still on the fence though.

You might be asking, if you don’t want to change your logo, and you like your current logo, then why are you even considering changing it? That’s a good question, and one I’ve been asking myself.

The main, and really only, reason I am considering changing it is to avoid any issues with Sherman. When I attend events there I get a lot of looks at my shirt (I pretty much only wear t-shirts that have my arrow logo on it) and the last event I attended, I had so many looks/double takes that I became self conscious about it.

I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, and I don’t want to overstep anything with Sherman’s President and VP. They are good men, doing wonderful things for the school and the profession. They have worked very hard to create a good reputation for Sherman, and I respect them and their work.

I also, don’t want to confuse anyone. Sharing the same logo image could confuse folks, and I would like to remain separate and distinct. It would be nice to have my own unique logo, that is specific and distinct to me and my practice. I love representing the profession as a whole, and feel I do represent the true foundation of chiropractic, but that logo was not mine to begin with. I did think, when I decided to use it as my logo, that it was simply a representation of the chiropractic philosophy, not of Sherman. I wouldn’t want to copy a college, but I do want to represent the philosophy.

Anyway… I have a stack of business cards sitting here with my new logo, but for now, they will just sit in the box. I’ll figure it out, and at least I have a logo ready to roll just in case something does happen, and I’m asked to change mine.

Until then, I don’t see a change happening in the near future. That was a lot of work for no reason! Haha!

See you next week,

Dr. Jen