There’s a really great quote I like, and it says something to the effect that you are simply the universe expressing itself as a human being for a short period of time.

The major premise in chiropractic states that, “There is a Universal Intelligence in all matter, giving to it all of its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.” A lot of people confuse Universal Intelligence (UI) as God; that is not true. The chiropractic philosophy does not concern itself with theological studies.

I like to think of UI as an organizing force. It’s this intangible thing that is at the core of everything. We know a lot about how things work in this universe, but there is also a lot we do not know. Scientists are still discovering particles that make up the foundational atoms and structures in the universe. Chances are we will never get down to the fundamental, singular starting point. This is what I think of as UI.

Inside of you, you have a subset of UI and it is called Innate Intelligence (II). II is this principle of organization within your body. It is the thing that took the one cell you started as, and turned you into the trillions of cells you are now. Again, we cannot fully scientifically describe the phenomenon of life. We know a lot about how a baby is formed, but we can’t get down to the essence. This is what UI and II are describing.

You can see a lot of similarities throughout the universe, patterns emerge. There are principles and laws of the universe, and they govern everything from galaxies, to solar systems, to individual planets, down to humans. The same power that makes it so galaxies orbit with one another throughout the universe also governs how your organ systems work together in harmony. The way the planets in our solar system interact with one another is as beautiful as the way the trillions of cells in your body interact with one another. It’s all simply different levels of the same thing.

Knowing this, I believe that since I am a part of the universe, then I should have all the power and potential that the universe has within me. It may be on a different level, but it’s there. My job is to figure out how to access/channel and use this potential. Thanks to chiropractic for teaching me this important lesson, and for giving me the opportunity to access potential I never would have been able to without getting my spine checked regularly.

See, the II of your body uses your brain and nerve system (spine) to carry out its functions. It needs to use some material to carry out the organization and harmony within your body, and the thing best suited for that is your brain and spine. They are the master control center for every single action within your body, and therefore best suited for your II to use.

Ensuring your spine is subluxation free as often as possible, ensures your II is able to fully express itself as often as possible. This means your body is able to work in full harmony and function as often as possible, and means that your quality of life is going to be enhanced.

Chiropractic is so simple, but I feel like people don’t understand it because a) it’s never fully explained to them or b) their life and world viewpoint won’t let them understand it, or accept the concepts laid out to them. The former I can work with, the latter… not so much, and I’ve stopped trying.

Regular chiropractic care just makes sense. In the same way that eating whole, healthy foods makes sense, getting good sleep makes sense, and moving your body make sense. Having a clear nerve system just makes sense. It’s the foundation for everything else in your body, and everything your body does. Why wouldn’t you maintain and take care of it?

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Like anything that is good for you such as diet, exercise, and quality sleep, you gain the greatest benefit of regular chiropractic care when you use it on a consistent and regular basis.

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Much love,

Dr. Jen