Well, I got the call last Monday that my boy, Lux, does indeed have lymphoma. This sucks. It’s been quite the week of emotions, and I haven’t been a very good chiropractor or business owner the past week. I do my best to separate personal and professional, but there is always bleed-over. I don’t care who you are, or what you say, or like to pretend, but your personal life affects your professional life. There’s no getting around it or trying to pretend otherwise.

Anyway, my dude doesn’t have a good prognosis. Chances are he has anywhere from 1-3 months left, and that is really sad to think about, so I’m trying not to. I’m trying to enjoy every minute I have with him, and just spend as much time with him as I can. I’ve been coming into the office a little later, so I can cuddle extra with him on the couch in the mornings and on my mid-day break.

10% of dogs diagnosed with lymphoma do survive, so I keep saying and hoping that he could be my miracle boy. I hope he’s my miracle boy. I can’t imagine losing my buddy; this is just awful. I hate it.

We are trying to help boost his immune system and healing naturally. We’ve decided to forgo chemotherapy. The outcomes aren’t that great with it, and the quality of life he would have would be questionable, so it doesn’t make sense to me for those reasons.

He is eating a ketogenic diet, which has been shown to be helpful for cancer. Fasting is actually better, but he needs to eat, so we are doing the next best thing. On top of that he is getting some medicinal mushrooms with each meal: cordyceps and chaga to be specific. These were recommended by an animal chiropractor I had taken him to, and I did some research and found some articles/studies backing it up. He is also on a full spectrum hemp oil, as CBD/hemp has been shown to help with cancer.

Lastly, been checking him for subluxation and adjusting as necessary. All of these things to help put his body in the best functioning state possible. A strong, healthy body has the best chance to combat this, so that is what we are trying to create.

I’m not saying that chiropractic, or any of this other lifestyle stuff is a cure for cancer. The only cure for anything is a healthy functioning body. Life heals, and nothing else, so how can we increase his life energy? That’s the question that I am trying to answer with all of these things.

Mostly I’m just doing what I can to love on him and make his days great. We went camping this past weekend, and he was one happy boy. He got a couple new toys this past weekend as well, and he’s been enjoying those. I haven’t gotten him a toy in years, so it was really cute and fun to watch him play with and enjoy. He’s just such a good dog; a joy.

That’s about all I have right now. That’s all that’s been consuming me. Maybe I’ll have something else to talk about next week, but I make no promises.

Until next week,

Dr. Jen

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