I first heard this term while attending Sherman College’s Lyceum back in May. There were two different speakers that mentioned and spoke about this term during their lecture. I won’t go into much detail about that weekend, but just want to say how much I appreciated the continuing ed that was offered that weekend; it was focused on pure chiropractic, not all the other junk that chiropractors dabble in.

Salutogenesis means giving birth to health. It is the process of enabling individuals and communities to increase control over, and to improve their health.

This is really powerful, because we live in a time where I feel people are disempowered when it comes to their health. They feel that many health problems are out of their control, and they need some sort of outside in force to “fix” what they perceive to be “wrong” with them.

Salutogenesis wants to empower people, and help them realize their full potential and enhance their health. It is the opposite of pathogenesis. Pathogenesis is the focus of medicine these days. It’s the study of the development of disease.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to study pathogenesis, far from it. It is a very noble and worthy cause. My argument would be that we place too much emphasis on pathogenesis, and not enough on salutogenesis. Furthermore, I would argue that we could make a more profound and lasting impact on society’s health if we put most of our efforts on salutogenesis.

The USA is a prime example of this. We spend the most money of any country on our healthcare. We focus the vast majority of our efforts on pathogenesis, and we have for decades. If it was working, we should be getting healthier over time, but we have the opposite problem.

The USA spends 17.9% of our GDP on healthcare. The next industrialized nation after the USA spends half that amount and has better outcomes.

Medical errors and iatrogenic events are the #1 cause of death in the United States.

These two facts alone are enough to show that we are not doing a good job regarding health here. These facts say to me that we need to change the way we look at things because we are clearly looking at them, and doing them very, very wrong.

Teaching people to build a strong, healthy, resilient body will result in a population that doesn’t have much disease and sickness. Giving people the knowledge to realize that they are powerful and have so much untapped potential. Providing them with the resources to discover and bring forth this potential. Imagine what that society looks like.

Compared to the one we have now. Where people are led to believe they are inherently sick and weak, and will eventually need some sort of pharmaceutical intervention to correct their body dis-harmony.

I feel like we have been taught to not think for ourselves. To just do whatever the white coat tells you to do without asking questions. It’s funny, when you start asking questions, you start to realize how flawed the whole system is…

The thing I love the most about chiropractic is that it is empowering. It gives you this sense of appreciation, awe, respect, and love for your body. The human body is such a marvel; it is so intricate and complex. It is elegant and beautiful. It is truly a wonder that it all works the way it does.

Chiropractic respects this. A true chiropractor doesn’t try to claim something is wrong with you and it is their job to fix it. A good chiropractor reminds you how unique and powerful you are, and then they help you realize this potential both through the chiropractic adjustment, and through education.

Other things that help you to realize your potential, and give you power and control over your health and life: sleep, diet, exercise, good relationships… These are all things that promote salutogenesis. Things that are good for you, such as chiropractic, and all of these other things listed here, are best utilized routinely. You get the most out of them if you utilize them on a consistent and regular basis.

That’s why I run a membership practice. It’s why I see entire families, and encourage and promote chiropractic care for infants and children as well as adults. I offer affordable membership rates for both individuals and families. I don’t do any unnecessary tests or procedures. I don’t do contracts. It’s a simple, straightforward, no BS way to do things.

I encourage you to check out the website, browse around a bit. Likely, any question you have will be answered through the site. Once you’ve done that and want to take the next step, simply book your first visit through the website. You won’t regret it.

Much Love,

Dr. Jen