There are a lot of chiropractors that claim they help to restore natural body function, or restore your health. This is impossible.

To restore means to bring something back to how it was before. The body never goes back in time, it always adapts to its current situation. It does not attempt to live in the past, nor does it attempt to do anything for the future, but rather its only focus and drive is on this moment in time.

Everything your body does is in an attempt to best adapt you to your current environment. The innate, inborn wisdom that controls every single function within your body does this perfectly. It may not be the response that our educated brain would like, but it is the response that is in the best interest of preserving the life within your body.

Chiropractors actually claim a lot of things… many things that are much more atrocious than the claim of restoration. Don’t listen to a chiropractor that claims they will do anything for you other than locate, analyze, and facilitate in the correction of vertebral subluxation (VS).

Chiropractors don’t fix, treat, or cure anything. Chiropractors remove interference to the expression of innate intelligence within the body. This helps to restore normal function and physiology in the body, and allows you to express greater health and vitality.

It may seem like nit-picky semantics, but it really is important. It is important that the public knows what to expect from chiropractic care, and not be lead into false pretenses due to poorly worded claims. I don’t think that most chiropractors saying these things have ill-will, some do, but most don’t. Most are just ignorant.

I do my absolute best to not lead anyone into thinking chiropractic is something that it is not. I set the frame from the very first visit, and reiterate what I do (and don’t do) on every visit thereafter. I owe that to my members.

I want to practice in an honest, ethical, congruent manner. My communication reflects these values, and so do the systems and procedures in my office.

It’s why I do memberships. Why I don’t have any unnecessary tests or procedures. Don’t do contracts. Why I offer no appointments for members. It’s all in a way to make regular chiropractic care sustainable for entire families. I want to see entire families reap the benefits of regular care for the rest of their lives.

I don’t want to claim I treat or fix something when I don’t. I don’t want to have the person then get better and leave, or not get better and leave anyway. I’d rather be honest and have them stay for the right reasons.

I literally just now turned away a potential new member because he only wanted to come in for a handful of visits. This is not the right place for that, so I referred him to another chiropractor that would be willing to care for him under those terms. That’s okay.

Anyway, I would love to fill this practice with health-minded families looking to incorporate regular care into their lives for the long term. That’s my bread and butter; that’s where this practice and this practice model really shine and make a difference.

I would love to serve you and your family. Check me out, set up a visit, come see what makes me unique and refreshing. You won’t regret it.

Until next week,

Dr. Jen