How precious is the flow of nerve energy through your spine? The late Christopher Reevescould have told you. Before his spinal cord injury he was strong, athletic, and had normal nerve flow and function. After, a shell of his former physical self, confined to a wheelchair and 24/7 medical dependence. 

No one would argue his inability to move his limbs after his accident was because of muscular atrophy; it was a nerve system flow problem. His struggle to breathe without a respirator wasn’t due to COPD; it was a nerve system flow problem. He required the use of a tube to eat and a tube to evacuate in, yet his internal organs displayed no signs of pathology; it was a nerve system flow problem. His body ceased to function to its potential because it was deprived of life coordinating energy from the nerve system and spine.

While most can recognize the immediate tragedy when nerve flow is switched off as in the case of Christopher Reeves, few are aware of the subtle tragedies in health that occur when it trickles from sustained subluxation. Not as obvious as Superman, but life altering all the same. Just how precious is nerve flow? Ask anyone whose life improved after regular chiropractic care.

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Your brain and spinal cord are the only organs in your body that are completely surrounded by bone. Why would that be? There are two reasons.

First, they are the most important organs (it’s actually really one organ; the spinal cord is the tail, an extension, of the brain) in the body. They are the master controllers for every single perception and response, and nothing in you works unless it’s getting information from your brain/spinal cord.

Second, they are really delicate. If something happens to your brain or spinal cord you’re in really big trouble, if not done completely. The above example of Christopher Reeves showcases both of these points.

Since they are so vitally important, and also quite delicate, doesn’t it make sense to maintain and take care of them? Logic would say it does, and it would also say to do so regularly and consistently.

That’s why I set up my practice this way. I get my spine checked 1-2x per week, and I will do so for the rest of my life. Not because I’m broken, or there is anything wrong with me, but because I want to build and maintain the strongest, healthiest, most resilient body I can. It’s the same reason that I eat healthy and work out. Things that are good for you give the most benefit when they are practiced consistently and regularly. Chiropractic care included.

That’s why I offer affordable chiropractic care using monthly membership plans. Individual and family plans are available, and I offer quality care for infants, children, and adults. You can browse through the website to learn more, and even book your first visit online.

This was the simplest, easiest, most sustainable way I could see that allows entire families to get their spine’s checked on a once per week basis. You deserve the same care that I and my family receive. Check me out and see what makes ChiroPure so refreshing and unique. You won’t regret it.

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Dr. Jen