You go to see the London Symphony Orchestra, or some other Philharmonic show. It doesn’t even have to be such a grand sounding group, it could be any band you choose to see.

They are in the middle of your favorite tune, but something is off… you can’t quite put your finger on it, but the whole thing just sounds wrong.

The thing with a band or orchestra is that everyone needs to be in harmony for it to sound pure, effortless, and beautiful to your ears. If just one instrument out of the potential 40 is out of tune, you will notice on some level. You might not be able to identify the exact thing that is off, but you will know it.

How about another example on a similar vein. Everyone is playing together perfectly and with the same timing, but a handful of instruments were overlooked before the show and weren’t tuned properly. Underlying this beautiful song is a dis-harmonic resonance.

Your body is like an instrument, and the parts of your body operate together like an orchestra. You want to finely tune your body so it can reverberate with harmony and ease. Keep all your systems in the right key, so you can perform the beautiful song that is life.

You are made of trillions of cells, and cells group up into organs, muscles, tissues, glands, etc. These cells need to work together in coordination and harmony, so your body can play out it’s ballad.

I know I might be starting to get cheesy with the wording and analogies here, but I want to get the point across (and I think I have). You need everything to be working together in order for your body to function properly. If just one thing is off, it throws the entire system out of harmony.

One of the simplest things you can do to ensure your body is functioning in coordination and harmony is to have your spine checked on a regular basis. The brain and spinal cord act as a conductor for your body. They keep the timing, tempo, and beat of all the systems of the body. If the timing of your nerve system is off, the rest of the body doesn’t stand a chance of keeping the beat.

I feel you should have your spine checked on at least a once per week basis, and if you can get checked more often than that, then it’s just icing on the cake. That’s how often I personally get checked, so if it’s good for me, then I think it’s good for you, and you deserve that too.

It’s why I set up my practice this way. I want to see your entire family playing your best set, and I want to see you continue to perform highly from this day forward. If I want to see you on a once per week basis, bring your entire family, and do it for the rest of your life, then it needs to be affordable and accessible.

That’s why I offer unlimited chiropractic care using affordable monthly membership plans. All the visits you and your family want and need for one flat monthly rate. Once you become a member you no longer need an appointment, and visits take just minutes. No unnecessary tests or procedures, and no contracts. It’s chiropractic made for you.

I can’t make it any more accessible. What are you waiting for? Book your first visit today and see how beautiful your body can play out this life.

Until next week,

Dr. Jen