“Seeing the forest for the trees” is an expression of perspective. It’s the ability to step back 

and see the whole picture, instead of clinging to a narrow, limited one. Focusing on the BIG IDEA is necessary to achieving any worthy goal.

We commonly hear new members say… my migraines, my sciatica, my pain… labeling themselves by their doctor’s diagnosis instead of seeing themselves as the healthy people they want to be. Unfortunately, when it comes to healing, holding onto your symptoms is as beneficial as hugging a tree and never letting go. You can’t see the forest of wellness if you insist on clinging to the trunk of disease.

You don’t get healthy by focusing on sickness. You get healthy by letting go, stepping back, and acknowledging who you REALLY are… an innately gifted human being, capable of healing from the inside out. It’s our job as your chiropractor to never let you forget it.

Thank you to The Weekly Sticky for this post.

How true is it? Why do we always focus on the minute, mundane, and negative of things? It seems our attention wants to drift there, rather than to what actually matters and will help to make a difference.

Shifting your mindset and how you look at things can radically transform your life. What if you looked for what was good and right, rather than what was wrong or you thought needed to be fixed?

I love this about chiropractic: as a chiropractor I don’t focus on what you think, or someone else told you, is ‘wrong’ with you. I focus on everything that is right about you. The right far outweighs anything else, and is much more powerful.

Nothing the body does is wrong. Your innate intelligence is constantly working to adapt your body to its environment as best it can. It does this perfectly with the tools its given to do it with. It does no wrong.

How can we express this rightness more often? In chiropractic, we do it by removing vertebral subluxation. Subluxation creates an environment in your body where it cannot express its fullest potential. An environment where your body cannot adapt to its fullest abilities, and you as an organism suffer.

It’s important to note that there are other lifestyle choices you can make to allow your body to adapt better: eat well, move your body, get adequate rest… but that is outside of the realm of chiropractic, so I will leave those items here.

A subluxation free body is better able to handle all of the stressors that life has to throw at it, and there are a lot of them. Because there are a lot of them, it makes you prone to subluxation. The only way to know if you have a subluxation, is to be checked by a chiropractor. Because you encounter many stressors regularly, it stands to reason that you should also be checked regularly.

That’s why I set up my practice this way. I think everyone deserves the same level of care that I get. I get my spine checked 1-2 times per week, and I’m going to have it checked at least once per week for the rest of my life. I want to build and maintain a strong, healthy, resilient body, and regular chiropractic care is a keystone to that goal.

You and your family deserve that too, don’t you think? I offer affordable monthly memberships that are sustainable for entire families. Everyone benefits from regular chiropractic care; leaving your kids at home is silly and foolish. I offer a family membership that makes getting the whole family under care feasible.

Browse around the website to learn more. Likely any question you may have can be answered on the site. From there you can even book your first visit online, or give me a call if you prefer. Either way, I hope to see you and your family soon.

Much love,

Dr. Jen