A recent study in the Journal of American Medical Association shows that removing tonsils and adenoids in the first 9 years of a child’s life can be very detrimental to their health and future immune function.

Bad thyroid, take it out. Misbehaving gall bladder, time for it to go. The innate wisdom that perfectly designed your body has a reason for everything – your tonsils, your appendix, and even that little dangling thing in the back of your throat (10 points if you can name it!) It’s a bold assumption to hastily remove any body part just because its lab numbers don’t measure up.

When every few months a new article questions or reverses some healthcare dogma, can you really trust any evidence based care when current evidence proves past evidence to be wrong? It’s evident that trusting the innate wisdom that put it there in the first place is the safest bet.

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We have a problem in our society where we think that we are smarter than the wisdom that runs our body. We try to peg everybody into “normals” and “averages” while not fully taking into account the nuances of individuality.

When there is a “problem” in the body we think we need to swallow a pill to get the number back within the “normal” range. I need to take a little detour here and talk about the wrong use of the word normal.

What is normal for you is different from what is normal for me. To try to put my normal ranges onto you, would not be healthy or good for you. When the medical community uses the term “normal” they really mean “average” and there is a BIG difference there.

Oftentimes, the average number that is used is not representative of the population as a whole. The number 98.6 that we use for temperature was derived from taking the temperatures of a few dozen middle aged white men. We use this number for women, for children, for infants… Though this seems like a trivial example to use it highlights the extremely poor work done when finding these averages medicine relies on so heavily.

So, first, when medicine uses the word “normal” they are using it falsely. There is nothing “normal” about the numbers and ranges they base their work off of.

One of the things I love about chiropractic is that it doesn’t try to make you fit into an average. The wonderful thing about chiropractic is that it allows you to more fully express your uniqueness. Your innate, inborn wisdom can be suppressed via vertebral subluxation. This can take you away from your normal expression of life. The chiropractic adjustment removes this interference and allows you to express everything that is right within you.

As for removing body parts… I get it. There are emergency situations where something may need to come out, but more often than not, doctors are removing organs that should really be left alone. You need all your parts. You cannot affect one part of your body without affect the entire whole of your body.

Why are you having issues with your gallbladder? Is it because you weren’t supposed to have one? I highly doubt it. Why is your child getting sick so often? So often that they want to remove their tonsils? We don’t stop to ask “why” enough; we just blindly follow the advice of the white coat. You need to start thinking for yourself and asking better questions.

Do you think there may be something in your environment, your lifestyle, that could be causing these organs to act up? Trust me, it isn’t the gallbladders fault, there is something driving it to act up. Dig deeper, think a little bit, ask better questions.

I love when folks come in and have good, well thought out questions. The members of this practice are intelligent people who think for themselves. They respect their body and their health, and want to express life fully.

If you want to start taking control of your life and your health, then you should be here. We offer affordable, regular chiropractic care that families can sustain for a lifetime.

I welcome you to come in and check us out. We do things differently, and offer an incredibly unique and refreshing chiropractic experience. Your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner.

Much Love,

Dr. Jen