One of Albert Einstein’s famous quotes is, “nothing happens until something moves. When something vibrates, the electrons of the entire universe resonate with it. Everything is connected.”

Motion is life… lack of motion is death. It’s a foundational reason why chiropractors adjust spines: to restore normal motion to joints, mental impulse through nerves, and subsequently, Life throughout your entire body. When you become connected the Life inside you resonates positively to your loved ones, your community, your planet, and the universe.

If Einstein is right then the small act of moving a vertebra causes the entire universe to resonate with life and health. Everything gets connected. Why wouldn’t you want to reap the benefits of that?

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I like the last sentence of that quote, “Everything is connected.” We like to compartmentalize our body. Separate our mind from our body, separate out systems, and different organ types. Organs are different from tissues, and tissues are different from muscles… while this is true to some degree, it’s not true in the grand scheme of things.

The problem with all the specialists we have these days is that they become an expert in their one specific area, but lose sight of the big picture, the whole body as a unified being. You cannot change anything in the body without changing everything in the body.

You think a medication knows exactly where to go and what cells to affect? What do you think ‘side effects’ are? Side effects are just unwanted effects of the drug, they just named them something more friendly so the mindless sheep wouldn’t question too much.

You think removing an ‘unnecessary organ’ only affects that one spot? Talk to someone that has had their gallbladder removed… it affects the whole body for the rest of their life. Having your tonsils removed, or appendix removed affects your entire being as well.

The human body is an incredibly complex, interconnected, intertwined organism. It is the most complex organism we know to exist. To think that we understand it is a fool’s error, an egotistical thought. One of my favorite quotes says, “the more I know, the more I know, that I don’t know.”

Chiropractic ‘specializes’ in allowing your ENTIRE body to function at a higher potential. A subluxation free spine allows your body to better adapt to everything in its environment. Chiropractic doesn’t try to affect one area, the objective is to give your body the chance to function in a more coordinated and unified manner.

Chiropractors recognize that your body is complex and can’t be broken down into bits and pieces, parts and systems. We recognize that the greatest thing we can do is give your body a chance to work more efficiently, to vibrate in greater harmony. That’s what the chiropractic adjustment does.

You should have your spine checked on a at least a once per week basis. You should do this for the entire span of your lifetime. Your kids should do the same.

That’s why I set up my practice this way: to allow entire families to reap the benefits of regular chiropractic care from this day forward. Unlimited chiropractic care using affordable monthly membership plans. No contracts, no unnecessary tests or procedures, no BS… that’s what I’m about.

What do you have to lose? Nothing. You have everything to gain. Give us a shot, check it out, and see and experience it for yourself. I would love to serve you and your family.

Until next week,

Dr. Jen