Once you become a member we don’t do appointments. Members can walk-in anytime during our open hours, check in, grab an open table, get checked and adjusted, and walk back out to their day within minutes.

I strive to make regular chiropractic care accessible and sustainable for everyone. My practice is set up in every aspect to accomplish this goal, and I will speak on all of those in due time. Today, I want to cover why I don’t do appointments, and why it is so awesome.

The sole objective of this practice is to locate, analyze, and facilitate in the correction of Vertebral Subluxation (VS). VS can result from common, everyday stressors, and require having your spine checked on a regular basis to ensure your body is functioning optimally.

Who likes appointments? Not anyone that I can think of. We are busy people, with multiple obligations. When you have an appointment you have to revolve your entire day around it, and it causes stress on some level. I don’t want to place that stress on people; I want this to be a positive experience on all levels.

Furthermore, since all I do is check and adjust, I am very efficient. It takes just minutes to properly check someone’s spine, and adjust them if necessary. This means if multiple people show up at the same time, they will still be in and out very quickly. A family of 4 can easily get taken care of in about 6 minutes or less. It is incredibly rare that a member has been waiting in my office for even 10 minutes. The vast majority of the time, a member is in and out in less than 4 minutes.

Lastly, as I said earlier, people are busy. It’s far simpler if they know that they can drop in at any time: after picking up kids from school, before work, after work, while out running errands. They know that if they are driving by, they can simply drop in and it’s not a problem at all. It really helps folks make it a regular part of their routine.

No appointments is one of the reasons why my practice is the best. I don’t say that just to say it; I truly mean and believe that this is the best chiropractic office in Concord, NC and in Charlotte in general. If you want to learn more about what sets us apart, and makes us so great, then click here to read more about membership and book your complimentary consultation where you will learn everything about ChiroPure.

Thank you, much love, and hope to meet you soon!

-Dr. Jen