New members are often surprised by the amount of kids they see in here getting checked. Why should kids get checked? That’s a common question.

Kids have spines too, and kids encounter as much, if not more, stress than adults. They are as susceptible to vertebral subluxations as anyone else. Quick review on what a vertebral subluxation (VS) is before we continue.

A VS is a tiny misalignment of a spinal bone that interferes with normal nerve transmission. This is a big deal, and very detrimental to your overall health and well-being. You have an innate ability to function, perform, heal, survive, adapt, and thrive. This innate intelligence expresses itself over and through the brain and nerve system. The brain controls and coordinates every single function within the body, and how it communicates with the body is through the spinal cord and nerve roots.

Disruption in the signaling between the brain and body is always a bad thing, and VS can be one cause of disruption to this communication. The correction of VS is always a good thing, no matter what age you may be.

With that background information, we can see that children are just as likely to acquire a subluxation as an adult is. Imagine if we can give our kids the chance to grow up with a fully functioning, healthy, whole body… perhaps their potential is 2% higher over their lifetime. That doesn’t sound like much, but you take 2% and multiply it over a lifetime and you have the potential to literally transform and change that child’s life for the better.

That’s what makes me excited as a chiropractor. That is the main reason why my practice is set up the way it is. I want to see the entire family come in to get checked on a once per week basis. I want to give entire families the chance to express their highest potential; to be everything they were made to be. I want to give them the opportunity to achieve this for the rest of their lives.

I’ve been practicing chiropractic in Concord, NC since 2012, and in that time I have serve tens of thousands of adjustments to children alone. It’s been my experience that kids under chiropractic care are happier and healthier; they tend to get sick less often, and when/if they do get sick they tend to snap out of it much quicker. A body that’s well adjusted does everything better.

From sports, school performance, relationships with parents, relationships with peers, and their view of themselves, there is nothing but positive gain for kids through chiropractic care.

I used affordable monthly membership plans to make regular chiropractic care reasonable and sustainable for entire families. I serve members from Concord, Kannapolis, Charlotte, and Huntersville. I even have a couple families from outer regions like Mount Pleasant and Albermarle! If you’re searching for a “chiropractor near me” and I’m a little bit of a drive, still consider it; in my humble opinion I’m worth the drive!

You likely got your first subluxation from being born. Think about the birthing process, and how stressful it is for both mom and baby. The twisting and pulling done to get the baby out of the womb; whether that be vaginally or via c-section, is a lot of stress on the baby, and particularly a lot of stress on their spine.

If every infant had the chance to get checked at birth we could truly change the world. Give every person the chance to start off life on the right foot. I’m trying to do my part in my little corner of this great world. I’ll start with serving as a chiropractor in Concord, NC and hope to serve you in the near future.

Much love, take care, and see you next time!

Dr. Jen