Cold is not a “thing” meaning it is not the entity. Cold merely exists in the absence of heat. Heat is the entity; just like darkness isn’t an entity, it is merely what exists in the absence of light. You cannot overcome heat with cold, you must lose heat to create cold. I digress.

Sickness, illness, disease, etc. aren’t a “thing, ” it isn’t an entity. It is what exists in the absence of health. You cannot overcome health with disease. You only get disease as you move further away from health. A perfectly healthy being cannot also have sickness or disease.

The point of all this is to say we need to focus our energy and attention on what matters, and what makes the biggest difference and impact. We tend to focus on the germ, the sickness, the condition. We put our energy into masking the symptoms that come along with it. What we should be focusing on, and what would have the greatest impact on our overall well-being, is to focus on how we can build and maintain the highest level of health possible. By doing that we create a situation where sickness and disease cannot happen.

You are not destined to be sick, have conditions, or be diseased. You were born to be healthy, vibrant, and whole. Make choices that keep you in this state. A high level of health means your body is functioning at a high level of coordination and harmony. The primary means by which your body functions this way is through your nerve system (spine.)

Having your spine checked on a regular basis helps your body to function better and express more health and vitality.

Much love,

-Dr. Jen