Human diseases we know of. Over 200,000 diseases that we know of; that have names, that have signs and symptoms we have grouped together and decided to call a disease.

Medicine focuses on diagnosing them, but they can only know the most common ones. Even the best diagnostician in the world couldn’t have knowledge for all 200,000 of them!

This goes back to what I’ve talked about before in regards to focusing on the wrong thing. Rather than spending all this time, energy, and money into figuring out all of these diseases and diagnoses, why don’t we focus more of our time, energy, and money on the handful of things that prevent them from ever happening.

The vast, VAST majority of diseases in the world are preventable. Even if they aren’t preventable, they are at least controllable and able to be overcome with some simple lifestyle choices. Eat whole, real, healthy foods. Move your body regularly. Practice good sleep hygiene. Maintain good relationships and mental health. Get your spine checked regularly.

Disease boils down to this: a body not working properly. A body not working with EASE. A body not working in coordination and harmony. The primary means by which your body operates with ease is through your spine (nerve system.) Your nerve system controls and coordinates every single function in your body. When you interfere with this vital system, things go awry.

Shift your focus. Shift it to what you can control. It’s that simple – silly humans like to complicate things too much.

Until next time,

-Dr. Jen