What does the world look like through chiropractic colored glasses? Does your health shine brighter, are your relationships with friends and family more in focus, is your job performance sharper and crisper?

You ‘see’ everything through your nerve system (spine): how you feel, how you interact with people around you, how you perform at home or work. When your nerve system is stressed by subluxation, the line between barely existing and fully living is blurred. However, the more clear your nerve system, the better your ability to interact physically, mentally, and spiritually with the world around you, and ultimately the better quality your life.

When a chiropractor adjusts a subluxation it’s like cleaning the dirt, streaks, and smudges form the lens through which you interpret your world, and with a clear lens you can see all your potential. Life is vibrant when you’re viewing it through chiropractic glasses.

Courtesy of The Weekly Sticky

Until next week,

Dr. Jen