More work gets dumped on your desk at quitting time… school calls to schedule an emergency parent/teacher meeting… stress pumps into your life like air pumping into a bicycle tire. If some pressure isn’t let out soon, you’re bound to burst.

As resilient as you think you are, your nerve system can only absorb so much stress before it succumbs to the load. When it finally gets a flat, your health and your life comes to a halt. There’s something simple you can do to avoid such a disaster.

Spinal adjustments act like the relief valve on an over inflated tire. Just a gentle push and pssssssssss… all that pent up stress comes out. That’s why you perform so light and de-pressurized after your chiropractic visit. Doesn’t it make good sense to ease Life’s pressure regularly before you pop?

Courtesy of The Weekly Sticky

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Dr. Jen