When you get a paper cut, the natural thing to do is to clean it up and put a band aid on to protect it from getting irritated. After a few days when the bandage comes off, the cut is hardly noticeable. The question is: did the Band Aid do the healing?

Band Aids and chiropractic adjustments have something in common: neither one have the ability to heal you. Sure, both are helpful after an injury, but they can only provide an environment conducive for healing to take place. Band Aids approximate damaged skin to optimize the mending, adjustments approximate misaligned vertebrae to optimize nerve flow, but it’s the innate healing power of life inside you that scripts the repair.

The next time you come for an adjustment to instantly ease your problem, understand it’s not the adjustment that produces the result. Chiropractors don’t perform miracles; the doctor inside you is the one who does that work.

Courtesy of The Weekly Sticky

See you next week!

Dr. Jen