That’s what your head and neck basically are. A 12-14lb weight balanced on top of a segmented, 2” diameter dowel, with a twizzler consistency spinal cord inside. It’s not surprising the prevalence of issues surrounding those structures given our lifestyle these days.

Every inch your head creeps forward from its neutral, relaxed position adds 10lbs of perceived weight on your neck. For the average person glued to their cell phone that’s like adding 42-52lbs of extra strain to your muscles and supporting ligaments throughout the day.

Try this yourself: hold a bowling ball close to your chest, then extended way out in front of you. Doesn’t take long to figure out which position taxes your muscles and joints more…

The solution: do some opposing good for your neck. Incorporate healthy countermeasures like regular chiropractic adjustments to keep your health out of the gutter.

Courtesy of The Weekly Sticky

Until next week,

-Dr. Jen