Having your house or car broken into is violating. The feelings of shock, loss, and disbelief are usually immediate when you first see the rummage and devastation of the event. It’s obvious you’ve been robbed. But what if the theft happens slowly over time?

Imagine having your house broken into day after day, week after week, for years… all without your conscious awareness. The thief takes one small thing at a time: an obscure picture here, small drawer item there… until one day they steal the ONE thing that makes you finally wake up and take notice. The ONE thing that defines WHO YOU ARE. Losing your health to subluxation is similar to that.

Every moment spent in a subluxated state robs your body of normal physiological function, slowly and silently without your awareness. Until one day the ONE thing that makes you YOU disappears. Perhaps your ability to work, play with your kids, or enjoy a favorite hobby. The question is, what YOU going to do to secure your nerve system and safeguard your health against slow robbery?

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-Dr. Jen