That’s how much money big pharma spends on drug advertising in the United States every MONTH! A billion dollars. On advertising. It’s no wonder we are the most drugged nation in the world. It really makes you wonder just how necessary the vast majority of drugs are?

I have nowhere near that amount of money to allocate to advertising each month. If I did, and other chiropractors did, I bet we’d have a heck of a lot more healthy people walking around. A much more connected, clear, well-functioning, happy population of people.

I bet we’d have less school shootings, more positive interactions, less road rage, less mental illness… a healthier nation.

I’m not saying drugs aren’t necessary in rare circumstances. I do believe the vast majority of prescriptions are necessary, and that the symptoms they cover up could be healed naturally with lifestyle changes. I also think the vast majority of people would agree with that statement. So why is it that we continue to fall into their trap?

It’s tough to think clearly when you are bombarded with the wrong message from every angle. They’ve brainwashed our society into thinking they need these drugs. That simply covering up symptoms is the answer. What about finding the cause, and correcting that? Sure, it takes more work, but it sure costs less. Less money, less damage on your body… a better quality of life.

It would be wonderful if we didn’t allow big pharma to advertise directly to the consumer. I would be willing to bet that Rx drug use would drop at least 50% if that were the case. Unfortunately, big pharma has too close a relationship with our government, and their pockets clearly run very deep. Hopefully one day we can wake up and stop this insanity.

-Dr. Jen