Half banana. You share half your DNA with a banana. Yep, that’s right, 50% of your DNA is the same as a banana.

If 50% different DNA makes the difference between a banana and a human being, then imagine what 1% or 2% change in your current potential could do for you.

That’s what gets me fired up in here. When someone brings their newborn in to get checked all I can think is what a difference this adjustment can make in their life. Perhaps it only gives them 1% more potential, but what a difference that 1% can make over the entire course of their lifetime!

Can you live without regular chiropractic care? Sure. You can live without eating well, exercising, and getting good sleep too. You can treat your body pretty damn awful and live; and sometimes live a very long life. But… imagine how much better your life COULD be, how much better it WOULD be.

Maybe you can’t see it or feel it per say; maybe you can’t measure it, but it’s there. I’m not taking any chances. I’m going to do whatever I can to create a strong, healthy, resilient, resistant body, so I can live the absolute best life possible.

You deserve that too. Regular chiropractic care is such a simple, affordable, easy thing to add to your lifestyle. Something that has the potential to change the entire course of your life, or your kid’s life…

Much love y’all

-Dr. Jen