I am a member of Amazon Prime, and I LOVE it. I can order something on Monday and have it by Wednesday; there have even been a couple of times when I have gotten my order on the SAME DAY! How awesome is that?!

Nearly instant gratification, just what humans love. Our society/culture is moving more and more towards that. You don’t have to wait for anything anymore! Instantly download a movie, have someone deliver your food to your house, same day delivery… almost anything you want is at your fingertips and can be in your hands very quickly.

What a wonderful thing! But sometimes a blessing can also be a curse… we’ve run out of patience. If a web page takes more than 0.00345 seconds to load, we’re outta there. If our grocery pickup takes more than 5 minutes to load we are irritated. If our package doesn’t arrive within 48 hours, we call customer service to complain.

The same is true of our body, health, function, and healing. We want our issue to clear up immediately. Sometimes folks will come in here and want their problem to go away in a visit or two. I always tell them the same thing: I have no idea how long you will take to heal, but I do know it will take time. There’s also the possibility that it will never go away. Healing takes time, and that time is highly variable among individuals. On top of that, some people have damaged their body beyond repair. The body can do some absolutely amazing, seemingly miraculous things, but it takes time.

If you want instant relief and gratification from your symptoms, then nothing beats a good ole pain pill. Just cover up all of your symptoms with a pill, powder, lotion, or potion. If you just want the gratification, then that’s the best route to get there. Most people know this is a dangerous shortcut to take, but many take it. It’s just that though: a shortcut. Take the time to wander through the woods. Enjoy the process, and appreciate it, even though it can be tough at times. You may trip over a branch or two, you may get a thorn in your calf, but once you get to the top, it’s worth it all. Sometimes to appreciate the good, you need to experience the bad.

Give the body the environment to heal in, and give it time. In a day of instant gratification, let’s not “Amazon Prime” our body’s into destruction.

Much love, until next time

-Dr. Jen