Most people say the heart, or the lungs. While those are important organs, they aren’t the first to form.

Think about it… what controls the heart and lungs? What controls and coordinates all parts of the human body?

The brain and spinal cord!

They control every single cell in your body. The better the connection you have between your brain and your body, the better your body will function, and the more you will thrive as a human being. It’s as simple as that.

Vertebral subluxation, spinal misalignment interfering with nerve impulses, diminishes and disrupts the ability of your brain and body to communicate with one another. When you have a subluxation, your parts still work, they just can’t work to their fullest potential. The quality and quantity of signal is altered. Your body simple can’t perform with ease, coordination, and harmony.

The my sole objective is to locate and correct subluxation thereby allowing your body to work with more coordinated ease and harmony. Allowing your body to function and heal at a higher potential. A body that functions better, does everything better.

It’s as simple as that. Until next week, much love!

-Dr. Jen