90% of all diseases are caused by one thing.


Stress comes in a few different forms, and DD Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, referred to them as the 3 T’s: thoughts, traumas, and toxins. In other words: physical, chemical, and emotional stress.

These common, every day stressors can do a number of things to your body, but our focus here is on chiropractic. One of the things they can contribute to, or cause, is vertebral subluxation. As we’ve talked about countless times before, subluxations interfere with your body’s natural function. The spine (nerve system) is the primary means by which our body adapts to its environment. When you have environmental stressors, your body adapts to them. Depending on the stress, and your body’s ability to adapt, this can result in either a positive change, or a negative change, in your physiology.

When you have a subluxation it almost guarantees that your body won’t be able to adapt in a positive manner. Plain and simple.

We can put stress reduction habits into practice, and I encourage you to do so, but we can’t avoid all of life’s stress. A simple, easy, and affordable thing you can do to better handle daily stress is to get your spine checked on at least a once per week basis. Oh, and bring the kids too. They experience just as much, if not more, daily stressors as adults.

Until next week!

-Dr. Jen