Have you ever heard of a spine transplant?

That’s because there is no such thing. It doesn’t exist. Your spine is the core of your being; it is the foundation for literally everything else in your body. Every cell in your body is connected to your brain, and spinal cord/nerve system. Your spine houses and protects your nerve system. They are so greatly intertwined there is no way to separate them.

You need to take care of your spine. Taking care of your spine is taking care of your entire being. The healthier your spine, the healthier your whole body. It is all connected. No pill, powder, lotion, potion, or surgery can imitate the power of the living body, or replace the power of the living body.

I recently had a big time flare up of an old spinal injury. It knocked me down for the count. Literally.

I had to close the office for an entire week, and I would have closed for two if I felt I could without being unfair to my members, or feeling like everyone would drop their membership and cause me to go out of business if I did (talk about unrealistic fears, huh)…

I have been doing anything and everything I can think of to take care of my spine. This includes a lot of mental exercises. Your thoughts are energy and power. Your body is just one big ball of buzzing, coordinated energy. If you can get your thoughts to help organize it all, rather than tangle it up, then you have the power to heal yourself.

I think I’m getting off topic a bit here… but that’s okay. Long story short: take care of your spine. It’s your lifeline. You only get one, and it can’t be replaced. Take care of it physically, emotionally, and mentally. It all has an impact, and it all makes a difference.

Love to you all, thank you for your continued thoughts/prayers/clearings/etc. as I heal myself. I appreciate it more than you know.

-Dr. Jen