This post may age me a bit, but not much 🙂

“When I was a teenager…” we had dial up internet. I’m sure if you are reading this then you are likely familiar with dial up. Fun to reflect on, but not real fun to use. If you don’t know any better (which we didn’t at the time) then it was fantastic! Surf the web from home, and pages only take a couple minutes to load! Wow!

Today it seems so antiquated and outdated, and that’s because it is. Now we have options like Google Fiber which is dang near lightning fast internet. Pages loading in far less than a second! We’ve come along way in a very short period of time.

How does this relate to chiropractic? You can probably figure it out, but I’ll explain.

Having a vertebral subluxation is like walking around with a dial up system. Sure, you get the job done, but you sure don’t do it with ease or efficiency.

Having your spine checked regularly by a chiropractor allows your body to function like a system using Google Fiber. Connected, strong signals, open lines, efficient… that’s how you want your body to run.

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me. Much love until next time!

-Dr. Jen