Fun fact! Did you know that you have a unique tongue print? Just like we all have a unique finger print, we all have a unique tongue print! I thought that was pretty interesting.

Now, you ask, how does that tie into chiropractic? I can turn almost anything into an analogy or point about chiropractic, so buckle up for this one.

We are all unique individuals. Nobody is the same, not even identical twins. One of the folly’s of modern day healthcare, and thinking in general, is that we try to peg everyone into averages and we call it normal. There is nothing about you that is average; you are your own unique expression of you. What might be good and healthy for one person can be bad, unhealthy, and dangerous for another person.

Take someone with high blood pressure. They go to the doctor and are put on drugs to lower their blood pressure. Great, so now they read in the “normal” (read average) range, and the doc says they are healthy now. Is that true? They are taking a poison (yes, all drugs are poison even if they are necessary, but that’s another story/lesson.) They are artificially lowering their blood pressure to fit into a number range and make the doctor happy. Is that healthy? Or is that more detrimental than actually having high blood pressure? Again, depends on the case, but you are starting to see my point here.

One thing I love about chiropractic is that we don’t try to put you into an average. We don’t try to change anything in an artificial manner when it comes to your biology and physiology. Chiropractic simply removes interference to your ability to express your full potential. Chiropractic allows your uniqueness to shine through to its fullest ability, and that is truly something special.

Thanks for reading. Much love, and take care!

-Dr. Jen