It’s unfortunate that many people take better care of their car then their own body. You can replace a car, you can’t replace the very being that you live in.

Cars are machines, and like any machine they require routine maintenance and care in order to perform their best and last a long time. Oil changes, tire rotations, balancing, replacing belts, spark plugs, washing, waxing, alignment… these are all routine maintenance items that help your car run better and last longer.

Your body is very much like a machine. It also requires routine care and maintenance in order to perform its best and last for the long haul. Having your spine checked on a regular basis allows your body to run more smoothly, and in turn last longer. Healthy diet, exercise, good sleep, positive attitude and relationships are all other “maintenance” items that your body requires to perform its best.

If you aren’t getting your spine checked on at least a once per week basis, then you are subjecting your body to unnecessary and detrimental wear and tear. Over the long haul it will make a difference, and not a good one. Get your spine checked regularly; just like changing the oil in your car, it’s a simple, easy, affordable way to ensure you are running your best.

Until next time – much love,

-Dr. Jen