Analogies are always helpful when trying to understand a concept. I can make almost anything into an analogy for chiropractic; enter dimmer switch.

Vertebral Subluxation (VS) acts as a dimmer switch in your body. Tiny misalignments in your spine can disrupt and distort the signals being sent over your nerve system. Your nerve system is the primary control center for the body. All functions revolve around the nerve system, so when you interfere with this system, via VS, you affect the entire body.

VS doesn’t completely cut off information to an organ, muscle, gland, etc. It distorts it. It’s not like turning a light switch on and off, but more like using a dimmer switch to make the lights shine brighter, or dim down low. Your body has an optimal set point, and it is always trying to achieve and maintain this optimal state. Walking around with VS is like walking into a room that has the dimmer switch turned down low. You can’t see clearly, your eyes are straining… sure you can navigate and accomplish what you came in the room to accomplish, but you can’t do it as quickly or with as great of ease. You aren’t efficient.

Same with VS, your body still works, it just can’t work like it’s supposed to. Not a big deal at first, but if you let that VS sit there and fester for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years… eventually your body is going to wear out prematurely and you will suffer the consequences.

Having your spine checked on at least a once per week basis is one of the simplest things you can do to make a profound and lasting impact on your life and your health. This practice is set up to make getting regular chiropractic care simple, easy, and affordable. We serve the greater Charlotte area from Concord Mills. We have families that live in Charlotte, Concord, Huntersville, Kannapolis, Harrisburg, and even Mount Pleasant. Our goal is to allow every man, woman, and child to experience the life enhancing benefits of regular chiropractic care, and I would love for you to be a part of that mission.

Until next time – much love, and take care!

-Dr. Jen