In order to have noticeable baldness, you need to lost 50% of the hair in that area. Half the hairs need to be gone before you notice the baldness!

What does that have to do with health, the body, and chiropractic?

Well, it got me thinking about what else could be declining or diminishing without us noticing, until it got to such a great degree that it was too late to do anything… Many people’s first noticeable sign of a heart issue is a heart attack or stroke. By the time that happens you’ve probably diminished your cardiovascular system by well over 30%.

Perhaps if we were more in tune with our body we would notice issues sooner, but a lot of the time you simply don’t have symptoms until you are quite far from 100%. Cancer is another example of this – how far from 100% are you before you have noticeable symptoms from cancer? How many people have you heard of that didn’t find out they had cancer until it was stage 3 or 4, and by then it’s almost too late for most.

As for chiropractic, vertebral subluxations, in and of themselves, have no symptoms. If you leave it there long enough you could. Disrupt nerve supply to your vital organs and they function at 90% initially, but over time that reduces to 80% then 70% and so on. The change happens so slowly that you don’t even notice. Years go by and you think it’s just part of “getting old” but if that were the case then everyone would experience it, wouldn’t they?

Having your spine checked on at least a once per week basis is one of the simplest, most powerful things you can do for your life and health. It’s not the end all be all for total health and wellness, but is an often overlooked, and very important piece of the puzzle.

Much love everyone, take care of your body and it will take care of you.

-Dr. Jen