There have been some interesting studies regarding the nervous system and immunity, and chiropractic care in immunity.

One study found that people who were under long-term, regular chiropractic care had a 200% increase in immunity over the average population. These people also showed a 400% increase in immunity over people with cancer.

I have this statistic on my whiteboard in the practice this week, and it has been a pretty engaging subject. Many of my members have said, “that makes sense” or “doesn’t surprise me.” I’ve found this response to be interesting as I would have thought most people would be like, “what? How does that work?”

It’s pretty simple, and we don’t even have to get into all the scientific, fancy pants literature to break it down in a way that makes sense to the average Joe. Sure we can talk about Natural Killer cells, growth factors, and a host of other immune factors and biological functions, but that’s boring.

You have high immunity when your body is running fully on all cylinders; when it is working together in unison, coordination, and harmony. A body in this state is very strong, resistant, and resilient. It is naturally immune. The primary means by which your body coordinates and regulates itself is through your nerve system (spine.)

If you have interference in the communication between your brain and body via the spine, then your body cannot work in perfect coordination and harmony. Therefore, your resistance is lowered, and you are more susceptible to assaults from your environment. Translation: your immunity is lowered.

Vertebral subluxation disrupts normal communication between your brain and your body. It disrupts normal function. It lowers your immunity (among many other things.) Chiropractors are the only professional trained specifically in the location and correction of vertebral subluxation. Having your spine checked on a regular basis promotes a strong, healthy, resistant, and resilient body.

As simple as that! Thanks for reading; until next time!

Much love,

-Dr. Jen