“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails”

This quote has a couple of different meanings to me. The first is in regards to your health and how your body works. You can’t control your environment, and the things that bombard you each day, but you can control how your body reacts to them. You do this by eating healthy, getting good exercise, getting good sleep, and having your spine checked on a regular basis.

You react to your environment through your nerve system. You get a stimulus which is sent over your nerve system (spine) to your brain. Your brain processes the information, and elicits a response. This response is sent back over your nerve system (spine) and your body adapts to its environment. This is life; adaptation. The better you adapt, the better you live, and the longer you live.

Having a spine clear of vertebral subluxation, paired with good diet, exercise, and sleep is like making sure your sails are optimally adjusted to the wind of life. Ensuring you are able to take your ship in the right direction.

The second thing this quote makes me think of is mental health and attitude. You can’t always control how people treat you or interact with you throughout the day, but you can control how you react to it.

Thanks for your time – much love!

-Dr. Jen